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In LEGO Battles, Biff is the leader of the Astronauts. He is a well-rounded melee hero with strong spells and high attack levels.

In LEGO Battles: Ninjago, Biff starts out in a form similar to his Lego Battles form; with a standard astronaut suit and a glowing stick that he uses as a sword. His first upgraded form features him piloting a large ranged mining suit, similar to the Gripley. His spells are "Boulder Toss", which throws boulders at enemies, and "Rally Cry", which will grant the effect of an attack power-up to the chosen friendly unit (which can be Biff).

His second upgrade features him with a new helmet and two blaster pistols. In this form, he is somewhat weak. His spells are "Cluster Bomb", a powerful spell that causes explosions around enemy units, and "Stone Skin", which grants Biff the same effect as a defense power-up.

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