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The King's Story is a campaign in LEGO Battles where the player assumes the role of the King and his army from the Lego Castle line and takes on the Wizard, who had invaded their land. The King is on blue team in this story, and the Wizard is on the red team.


Act 1Edit

Dark ShadowsEdit

A tutorial mission for beginners, where the player must defend against incoming attackers and rebuild some of the outpost.

Costly DistractionsEdit

A similar tutorial mission requiring the player to defend a series of Farms from skeleton attacks.

The Great LibraryEdit

A mission to defend the Great Library NPC for a certain amount of time, and then retaliate against the skeletons.

1000 Tree WoodsEdit

A mission to locate the Ancient Scroll in a large forest.

Bridge the GapEdit

A mission to build the first bridge and attack enemy outposts.

Act 2Edit

NOTE: These missions may appear to be out of order

Old AlliesEdit

Rescue the dwarf king from the trolls with the help of the dwarves.

War MachinesEdit

Make use of the special factory to fight against the outposts in the area.

Stand FastEdit

One of the hardest missions without extras, the player must defend against the attacking trolls and skeletons pouring in from two roads in the south.

Knowledge of the AncientsEdit

A mission to search for a hidden map among the ruins. One ruin yields it, the rest are traps.

Forgotten PassageEdit

Find another route into the Wizards Lair, the barren wastelands.

The Barren WastelandEdit

Destroy the defenses blocking the route into the Wizard's Lair.

Act 3Edit

The MazeEdit

A simple mission to find the exit of a maze

Grave MissionEdit

Destroy a series of Wizard Mausoleums to weaken his forces.

Perilous JourneyEdit

Destroy the defenses to the Wizard's Final Lair.


Destroy the Wizard and his base.