In LEGO Battles and LEGO Battles: Ninjago, hero characters have access to a number of magical powers that have an effect on the battle field.


In LEGO Battles, each hero has 4 powers, generally 2 buffs and 2 other spells. In LEGO Battles: Ninjago, the player has access to 2 spells in each form. Using spells consumes magic points, which regenerate over time. In LEGO Battles all heroes have a maximum of 1000 magic points and spell costs are multiples of 50 points. In LEGO Battles: Ninjago, all upgrade I forms have 2500 magic points and all upgrade II forms have 3750 magic points, with higher spell costs than the previous game, and costs being multiples of 25 points. In both games magic points regenerate faster if the appropreate extra is turned on.


Direct AttackEdit

Direct attack abilities are used to damage enemies and structures as long as they are in range.


Creates a cannon that bombards a selected enemy target. Usable by Governor Broadside and Camilla.

Coconut SwarmEdit

Bombards a target with a coconut. Usable by King Kahuka.

Crab SwarmEdit

Summons crabs that appear where nearby enemies currently are, which deal damage in an area around and under them.


The whole level shakes and enemies are hurt. The damage grows weaker as the range increases.


The user launches a fireball that explodes upon reaching the target, dealing some damage.

Space LaserEdit

Causes a series of laser beams to drop down and damage a number of present enemy units. First usable by Gemma.

Lightning Bolt (Ninjago Only)Edit
Monkey SwarmEdit

Like Crab Swarm, but with monkeys instead of crabs.


Disruptive abilities are used to halt the movement and attacking of certain units, making them vulnerable to further attack or escape.


An ability first usable by Gemma, EMP generates a series of yellow, rotating stars that fly out in all directions. If an enemy special is hit by it, they will be unable to move.


An ability first usable by the Alien Commander, ESP generates a series of green, rotating swirls that fly out in all directions. If a non-special enemy unit is hit by it, they will be unable to move.

Ninjago Only disruptsEdit

These behave the same way as ESP but with minor differences

Flash bangEdit

All enemy units within a certain range of the user are stunned.

Spinjitsu Deep FreezeEdit

The user uses spinjtsu to attack enemy units and buildings, both damging and freezing them.

Spinjitsu ElectroshockEdit

The user uses spinjitsu to attack enemy units and buildings, both damaging them and paralysing them.


Resupply abilities are used to create forests (or caches) of resources. This power can be used to create more material for use, or to create a barricade to block enemy invasions. All are exclusive to LEGO Battles.

Crystal CacheEdit

A green projectile is launched that explodes into six smaller projectiles that create green crystal resources in a star pattern.

Forest SpawnEdit

A stream of green projectiles are launched, making an area of forest appear. The trees are the ones in the Castle theme.

Jungle SpawnEdit

Creates a cluster of trees. The trees are the ones seen in the Pirates theme.


Buffs are support abilities used to enhance an aspect of a unit for a limited time. In LEGO Battles they affect the user and allies near the user when the spell is used, while they affect either the user or a target unit in LEGO Battles: Ninjago. Booster packs have the same effect.

Armor BoostEdit

Reduces the amount of damage taken by the affected units.

Damage BoostEdit

Increases the damage dealt by the affected units. In LEGO Battles: Ninjago, this spell becomes Ravage (affects user) and Rally Cry (afects target unit).

Logging BuffEdit

Increases the amount of resources obtained from logging. Usable by the Troll King.

Mining BuffEdit

Increases the amount of resources obtained from mines. Usable by the Dwarf King

Speed BoostEdit

Increases unit movement speed. Usable in both games.