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The Wizard is the hero of his own story and the enemy of the King's story.

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Leader of the skeleton warriors in LEGO Battles, the Wizard is a medium strength melee hero. He is not particularly good at open combat, but has destructive spells.

During the story he attempts to attain three crystals to complete his scepter and revive his love the witch. these however are in the kingdom bringing him in to war with the king.

In LEGO Battles: Ninjago, in his first upgrade, he transforms into a giant green troll. His spells are "Roar", which shakes the ground and deals damage to all nearby units, and "Boulder Toss", which launches boulders at all enemies in range.

As his second form, he floats along carrying a giant staff. His new spells are "Lightning Bolt", which causes lightning to strike nearby enemies, and "Magic Steal", which drains the magic levels of enemy units.

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